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Happy 2014!

Happy new year, everyone! It is absolutely mind-boggling to me that one year ago, I was preparing to go back to school in a week. Fast forward a year and I am preparing to throw myself into my final thesis quarter with everything I’ve got for ten more weeks. THEN I AM DONE! I have been terrible about showing you all my work with the exception of the first quarter or so, but I promise there will be a final portfolio in the works this quarter with the highlights. I managed to pull off another 4.0 quarter and couldn’t be more pleased! But enough about school… let’s get you a bit caught up on the goings-on around here.

The Christmas season was more of a whirlwind than usual for me this year. Between completing many holiday string art orders (all of which had to ship by the same week as my finals…), completing finals/projects, and then mixing in the usual holiday craziness, I was doing everything imaginable to keep my head above water. However, once I finished everything on the 21st, we were able to enjoy a relaxing Christmas week with both of our families! We flew to New York on the 22nd, then to Nebraska on the 26th, and finally back to Los Angeles on the 31st. We spent the entire trip seeing old friends, relaxing with family, and (as usual) getting spoiled by everyone’s incredible generosity. After getting off the plane, we spent New Years Eve cooking an amazing surf & turf meal, playing our new Wii (WOOOO!!! My arm is killing me…), enjoying many cocktails, and embracing a wonderful night in together after a lot of traveling! New Years Day is the anniversary of our first date, but I have a bunch of fun things to post from that, so it will get its own post later! :)

Let’s see… what else has been happening? Or I guess not really happening over the past few weeks… wedding planning! We took a mini hiatus from planning in December for the most part due to the madness (see paragraph above!), but we did manage to draw, design, order, and prepare all of the Save the Dates. I plan to address them today and get them in the mail shortly. I will have a bigger wedding update post shortly, where I will share some of the fun stuff that we have accomplished for our big day!

Finally, I missed my second blogiversary on December 12th since I was up to my ears in finals and string art, but feel free to look back at some of the fun post from last year!
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I am hoping to have at least one fun second blogiversary post for you over the next week, so stay tuned!

While there is a ton more to say about the past month and the upcoming few, I think this post is long enough for today. I don’t start school until late next week, so you will be hearing from me a lot until then! See you tomorrow with a recap of our New Years celebration and resolutions.

P.S. Before I leave you for today, I wanted to give a little shout out to our late December/January sponsors: Hammer It Out and NCF Furnishings. They were sweet enough to sponsor Our Cozy Cubbyhole during the holidays when I never posted, so I threw in all of January as a little thank you to them. You will hear more about them soon, but I wanted to give them a little love today too! Thank you!

October Sponsor: Pink Fox Designs

Ready to see come SERIOUS talent?! I am so so so excited to introduce you to our October sponsor, Kirsten from Pink Fox Designs! Here is a bit about Kirsten, from Kirsten, herself:

DSC_00389 pinkfoxdesigns-logo-no-circle

I’m a web and graphic designer who recently graduated college and run my Etsy shop on the side. I design logos for people’s small business, business cards, and other branding designs for them. I also create digital posters, digital invitations, and I am in the process of considering adding mugs and candle holders I make. I’m also a photographer who loves hiking and I sell a few of my photos.

Kirsten’s work is absolutely gorgeous. I mean, super stunning! Her Etsy shop is full of goodies, from amazing business card designs…Business-Card-yellow-example Business-Card

… to lovely wedding invitations (hmmmmm… perhaps I need to convince Kirsten to create OUR invitations!)…yellowgrey-suite

…to the cutest prints and breath-taking photography!Somewhere-Over-Rainbow adventureframePink Fox Designs also has lovely mugs, stationary, the cutest notebook ever with the adventure design above, and even some fun, seasonal Halloween items! :)

A huge thank you to Kirsten for sponsoring Our Cozy Cubbyhole this month! You can find the link to the Etsy shop in our sidebar for the rest of October. Be sure to show Pink Fox Designs some love!

Design Campus!

Happy Wednesday! I am just returning from an amazing “stay-cation.” My best friend and her husband came to visit Walker and I for a few days and we really lived it up. I’m super sad it’s over but we made the most of every minute and had a blast. Definitely one for the memory books! :)

As you all read the other day, I had an incredibly inspirational and fantastic time at Design Camp in Seattle in May. My favorite part, by far, was the network of spectacular people I connected with, learned from, and learned with! There is nothing more amazing than brainstorming and sharing ideas with other designers, bloggers, and creatives… talk about getting the artistic juices flowing!Day2_1

design-campus-button-221While I know that telling all of you to look into attending Design Camp may be financially or logistically difficult (or nearly impossible), I have some seriously awesome news: Design Camp has gone digital with Design Campus!! The site launched this morning and is a giant online community for networking, information, and inspiration! Not only does it have all of the information from the Design Camp lectures, but it also creates an online community for you to connect with other designers, bloggers, creatives, social media experts, and more.

Since I am a huge believer in this amazing educational summit, I am teaming up with Design Campus as an affiliate in order to spread the word and bring Design Camp to your computer screen!  Yippeeeee!!

The best part about all of this? You can check out the community for 5 days for only $1! Ummmm… that’s not even as much as a cup of coffee. Once you fall in love, membership is $27 a month after the trial (but there is no commitment and you can cancel at any time… although, if Design Camp is any indication of how freakin’ awesome Design Campus will be, you won’t want to!). Plus, if you are already considering attending other design or blogger conferences, this price tag is much more budget-friendly!

Anyway, I really think that you will get so much out of this network of amazing people, as I did in Seattle. I say give it a whirl and see what all of my fuss is about! ;)

*This post contains affiliate links but the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! Just wanted to be transparent! :)*