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Fall & Football Decorations

I am oh so envious of all of you that get to experience true fall: leaves changing colors, crisp autumn breezes, apple cider doughnuts. You get my drift. Here in LA, the most we get is a cooler night or two and a barrel of half-rotten pumpkins at every grocery store. Okay, I’ll stop whining but the point I am trying to make is that we sort of have to create fall around here. So over the weekend, we did just that!

The thing that most represents autumn in this apartment is FOOTBALL. We are big NY Giants and Nebraska Cornhuskers fans. So I went to a really awesome website to create some fun Nebraska football art for our front door at the beginning of this season. It was good luck on Saturday because we had an exciting win.

Walker even bought me some red and white gladiolas to support the team colors! GO BIG RED! Aren’t they stunning?!  They are STILL blooming, too…

To continue bringing fall to our place, Walker and I spent Saturday night carving pumpkins, drinking pumpkin beer, enjoying a fire in the fire pit, and listening to good music! It was glorious! Although, on second thought, it seems quite cruel to murderously de-gut and carve an innocent pumpkin while drinking the remains of his cousin.  Oh well… totally worth it! ;)

I had Monday off of work so I surprised Walker with another pumpkin that was painted with the Cornhusker “N” logo to match the art on our front door! I have been talking about getting a little plant stand for a while now, so I used the new pumpkins as an excuse to get an awesome one for $20 at Ikea. I made a little fall display out front for all to enjoy using the pumpkins, a piece of ornamental corn (for the Cornhuskers!), and some dried grape vines from our plant last year.

I really like the way it turned out! The only thing that stinks is that I have to bring the carved pumpkins inside on hot days so they don’t immediately rot!

To top off our fall celebrations, Walker came home from work to a homemade apple pie baking in the oven! We even made homemade chicken tortellini soup for dinner, just to maintain that cozy feel.

So maybe nature doesn’t really give us fall out here, but I certainly am feeling the good fall vibes in our place.  And really, that is what’s important. I love that happy fall feeling! :)

Flowers… by Walker: September 18, 2012

Okay so I totally owe you guys a fun DIY project post of something I finished two weeks ago but I can’t seem to find enough time in the day to write it. Therefore, in the meantime, you can do ME a favor. On your mark, get set…


Walker bought these for me over the weekend, telling me they were “Muppet Flowers.” While I think that is an appropriate and adorable name for this little fluffy fleurs, I wanted to know what someone that wasn’t Walker would call them. They have these crazy purple stems that even dye the water pink!My first thought was that perhaps they are some kind mum? The second was that they remind me of the lion flowers in Alice and Wonderland!So maybe walker was right… these flowers are one part plant and one part cartoon/Muppet. Anyway, they are so gorgeous and make me ready for fall! Let me know if you have any insight about what kind of flowers these are! :)


Yes, I just brought things back to 2005-6 when you were SO sick of hearing Anchorman quotes but people continued anyway.  Somehow it gained a bit of charm 6 years later… or maybe I’m just THAT girl who won’t let it go…

Aaaaaaanyway, the reason for the mildly annoying quote is an adorable little chloroform chlorophyll-filled (woops! That made it through two proof-reads before I caught my horrid mistake!) friend we acquired over the weekend.  Meet Ron Burgundy:

This little guy needed a good home and our new outdoor end table seemed like the perfect place!What a little cutie!

And while we are on the topic of plant life and cuties, Walker brought some beautiful white spider mums for me this weekend.  I decided the all white flowers needed a dramatic photo shoot since they were so glamorous. Voila: les fleurs! <3