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A-Tisket, A-Tasket, A Hanging Kitchen Basket!

Hey, friends! Happy Friday! Funny story: We were at the grocery store to buy a few last-minute ingredients for Walker’s early birthday dinner on Sunday (I made fresh pasta for the first time… MMMMM and not as hard as you’d think!), and I noticed the store added garlic braids to their inventory. For those of you who aren’t familiar with braiding garlic, it is a (very attractive) way of hanging, organizing, and storing softneck garlic bulbs. I got UNREASONABLY excited about this for many reasons:

  1. We go through so much garlic, it’s silly. The braid means we always have more on hand!
  2. I think they are so pretty, like an organic (and edible) piece of art! I have seen them on cooking shows and in images of some of my favorite beautifully inspiring yet functional kitchens for people who cook. I couldn’t wait to find a place to hang it!
  3. I love braids. All the braids. Braids, braids, BRAIDS.

I know I have already lost some of you with my garlic nonsense. But the entire point of all of the babbling is to say that the pretty little garlic braid inspired me to rethink some storage options for our kitchen. Like most fruit and veggies stored at room-temperature, garlic likes a shady spot so it won’t sprout. The only spot to hang the braid in the kitchen that wasn’t directly in front of a window or over the oven was to the right of the laundry cabinet.


I thought a garlic braid hanging there alone would look a little odd/sad, so the idea came to me to hang ALL of our room-temp fruits and veggies there… in a tiered hanging basket! And I got unreasonably excited about that as well, because I have always wanted one of those too! Yippee!

The next day I was walking out of World Market with this beautiful woven copper and rope basket (and got $10 off thanks to a birthday coupon! Woo!).


I love the looping copper pattern… so pretty!


Not only did the garlic braid find a lovely place from which to hang, the ivy plant wondering around the house seems to have finally found a home as well (since I am too short to reach up to the top basket anyway)! Plus, I gave Walker some valuable extra counter space for his birthday by getting our old fruit bowl off of the counter, though perhaps it is more of a gift for his lovely and charming sous chef who does most of the food prep. ;)

Now we are all set to do some serious cooking this weekend! We have some big plans for the grill if el niño decides to cooperate. Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. The painting next to the hanging basket is a gorgeous oil painting that my amazing Aunt Lu made for us as a wedding gift!

A Little Bit of Boho

Happy hump day! Over Labor Day weekend earlier this month, Walker and I took an amazing trip back to Nebraska to visit the Dale side of family. The majority of our trip consisted of some serious puppy playtime for Bo and his parents’ new dog (Pogo the cairn terrier!), delicious home-cooked meals, and wonderful quality family time.


Pogo & Bo = instant buddies :)

Gorgeous Big Sky Country!

Gorgeous Big Sky Country!


We even got a pretty amazing thunderstorm! :)

While we were there, Walker’s mom took us to one of her favorite stores in Lincoln, Ten Thousand Villages. I love visiting this shop every time we are in town because they have AMAZING fair trade home goods, gifts, apparel, art, accessories, etc. handmade by artisans all around the world. The company is a non-profit charitable organization, with many of its employees being local volunteers and all of its profits from sales going directly back into supporting the individual artisans with fair wages. Anyway, my point is that this place has gorgeous products AND you can feel great buying them from such an ethical, honest company doing great things for artisans all over the globe. Twist my arm to spend some dough… ;)

While I could have walked out of there with armfuls of goodies, I restrained myself to one item that fit into my carry-on. I fell in love with this $30 colorful, bohemian rag rug handmade in Egypt that I knew would be perfect for our kitchen. The best part of our shopping experience? I found out that Pasadena has its own Ten Thousand Villages shop just five minutes from our house! Eeeeeeeee! I know where I will be doing 100% of my Christmas shopping this year. When we got home, I paired it with a anti slip rug underlay from IKEA to make our kitchen a whole lot happier.

Kitchen1 IMG_8886 IMG_8903_watermark

We also recently added some DIY macrame hanging planters (the macrame tutorial I used is here) with some herbs and succulents to the kitchen window area, significantly giving the kitchen more life and color. (Side note: I can’t stop bringing plants into the house… the fig tree was like my gateway greenery.)


We have a few more kitchen updates we would like to make, but it is otherwise probably the most complete room in the house! Yippeeeee!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Mantel

One of my very favorite things about our new place is the amazing white brick fireplace and mantel. Not that I didn’t love the faux-mantel shelf in our Burbank apartment, but it is beyond thrilling for me to have a few square feet of space I can decorate and redecorate to my heart’s content!

Once we took down the Christmas decorations, I wanted to create a mantel that was of a more romantic sentiment in honor of our anniversary in January, as well as Valentine’s Day this week. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you already got a sneak peek of the final Valentine’s mantel, but here it is in all of its lovey-dovey glory! :)


Walker got me this amazing vintage marquee ampersand for Christmas!


Roses from our garden and a STUNNING vase we received as a wedding gift.


The first wedding photos we (finally!) printed!


The You & Me banner came from our wedding decor!

For our first non-Christmas mantel in the new place, I would say it’s not too shabby! I am going to be a maniac with this thing…! :)