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Another New Toy!

Ok, so my “stuff we brought back from our holiday visits” themed week has kind of gone to the birds, huh? I blame the record player and the new early birthday present I bought for myself today…

WOOO!!!!  I guess we can call this new toy week and continue the other theme next week.  I have wanted a DSLR forever so I finally went for it since I have been so budget-conscious lately. I figured it was time for an overdue self-splurge. After a lot of research (thus no post yesterday… I was obsessed) I got a Canon EOS Rebel T3 with an EF-S 18-55 IS II lens. I wanted to spend under $500 on an entry-level DSLR but also get something that was worth a continued investment (i.e. lenses, flash, etc.).  I read a ton of reviews and decided to go with a Canon. So I began trying to decide between the Rebel XS, Rebel XSi, Rebel T3, or spending a little more dough (on a T1i, T2i, or T3i). I read mixed reviews about the XSi so I scratched it off the list.  I then realized that the XS is a 3-4 year old model at this point and all of the tech specs were inferior to the much newer T3 (for a very similar cost).  So the T3 became my top choice.  I did a bit more research to see if I could rationalize spending more money on the higher-end models (a coworker brought his T3i into work for me to play with and it was gorgeous) but I came to the conclusion that the T3 would be perfect for my needs.  I got it on sale for $434.99 (plus warranty and tax for $503 and change) and was able to pick it up locally today!  INSTANT GRATIFICATION.  I could have saved $40 on tax if I got it off of Amazon for the same price but it was worth the extra few buck to get to play with it sooner!

So I got the camera home all excited to play with it until I realized I still had to charge the battery (duh.). Now I am patiently waiting for the little orange light to turn green and wearing the camera around my apartment with a big smile on my face (sort of a little creepy now that I mention it…).  Actually the light just turned green!!  It’s go time!  MANY pics to come!