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Still Have the Fever

As many of you long-time readers know, I have a full-fledged skeleton key fever. I don’t know why but I just can’t help myself! To me, they hold a mysterious story of what they unlock and who they once belonged to.

When my best friend, her husband, Walker, and I made an impromptu day trip to wine country on Sunday, we stopped into a cute shop called Picket Fences. I happened to stumble upon a little something that make my heart leap in excitement…
SkeletonKeys1 SkeletonKeys3 SkeletonKeys2 SkeletonKeys4

HOW GORGEOUS ARE THOSE?! They are seriously heavy and seriously awesome. There are five keys of various sizes and shapes on one solid key ring.

Now the big question is: where do I feature them in the apartment?

I could hang them on the front door but I am a little worried that if I slam it, they will break the glass window! But it would be sooooo adorable and awesome…Wreath2

Another option is for them to join the company of the “Our First Place” key, my Nana’s skeleton key to her childhood home, and the two other keys I have hanging on the gallery wall in the living room. I’m not sure exactly how I would hang it, but it would probably look cool with all of the other keys.GalleryWallKeys

The third option is to find a place for them in the kitchen, possibly near the awesomely huge opera house skeleton key I found at the flea market.WineCorkFrame2

I also think the key could look really cool featured somewhere in our backyard but nothing is calling out to me yet.NewPlantShelf

Judging by the number of keys I have acquired, I could also start a brand new key wall somewhere…. kitchen? Bedroom?

Anyway, the point is that I need your help!

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Where would you feature these skeleton keys?

Have other ideas? Please leave them in the comments section below! Thanks so much for your input! :)

Erika Is Lazy Dot Com Backslash Cards

Hey, remember almost a year ago when I said I had a few cards that I wanted to frame and put above my computer desk? Probably not since it was pathetically long ago.

Yeah…. I never did that…

Until now! And you can thank Walker for me finally getting my butt in gear and getting these on the wall. Just before Christmas he ordered himself this really awesome Italian movie poster for the spaghetti western “Once Upon A Time In The West” (which we were actually lucky enough to see on the big screen last year!). When it arrived, we bought a really cool floating frame for it and he had it on the wall above his desk the next day. Inspired by the fact that my side now looked so bare, I went into the closet (yes, I had even already bought the frames for my cards… that’s how lazy I’ve been!), scribbled a little love note in one of the cards (Walker did the other but we kept them a secret from each other for now), framed the cards, and put them up on the wall.

Apologies in advance for the terrible pictures… it is gloomy out so the whole house is dark and (big surprise) I am feeling too lazy to remedy that.SeahorseAndGiraffeCardsFramed

What I am looking at while writing this post! :)

What I am looking at while writing this post! :)

It is still looking a little bare because I am still trying to figure out what to hang above them. But the are officially (and finally) on the wall so it is a step in the right direction! PROGRESS MY FRIENDS! Baby steps. :)

Welcome Back Etsy!

Walker and I had the most amazing autumn-themed weekend and I have a few fun projects to share this week. But one of the more productive things I did this weekend was to revamp and reopen my Etsy store, just in time for holiday orders!

Remember how cute and fun these are?!

Those are just a few examples of the many custom orders I have done.  If you want to check out more examples, take a look at our Pinterest board!

If you would like to place an order, let me know you are a reader of our blog and I will give you a discount because I love you so much! :) You can find the store link on the sidebar at any time.

And if you’d prefer a more hands-on approach, I have full DIY instructions here!

Have a great day! :)