Baby Dale Bumpdate: Week 14

Week 14 marked the start of the second trimester, and as if right out of a textbook, my first trimester symptoms seem to have vanished right on schedule! I don’t want to claim I am completely out of the woods yet, but the majority of a week without morning sickness symptoms is an unprecedented miracle. Hopefully this trend continues!

I added a few more tracking details as I move into the second trimester to keep a record of how big my bump is getting (weight gain and belly measurement)! During the first trimester, I netted a weight gain of -1 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and gained 2.5 inches around the belly. At my lowest, I was only down 2-3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight due to the morning sickness but started gaining it back a little as the baby got bigger in later weeks. The doctor said that losing a pound (i.e. mostly maintaining weight) in the first trimester is totally normal for moms experiencing morning sickness, so I was happy to hear the baby was still getting what he/she needed from my prenatal vitamin (and whatever nutrients are in bagels with cream cheese!).

Anyway, enough babbling and on to week 14! :)

Week 14: February 21 – 27

Baby is now the size of: a lemon!
Weight Gain: -1 lb.
Belly Measures: +2.5 inches

I’m Feeling: like I am the queen of the universe! I think I have finally kicked the morning sickness symptoms (good riddance!) and am starting to have a normal appetite again! Wooooo! It is amazing how much better I feel when I can eat a real meal. Plus, it is so nice to have our dinner time ritual almost back to normal.
Physical Symptoms: I’m feeling a million times better! I was sick on Tuesday (February 21) and then again the next morning, but by that evening I had none of the usual nausea symptoms and was super hungry for dinner. I had no other morning sickness for the rest of the week!! I have been eating normal foods, though my digestive system is still readjusting after only eating bland carbs for 8 weeks so I haven’t pushed it too far. I have also been having a few abdomen muscle aches or pains this week as my body makes room for our growing babe. In addition, I have had some other minor aches and pains in my back and hips that seem to just be an adjustment to my changing body (mixed with my awful commute). Even my nose hasn’t been as stuffy this week! Hallelujah!
Movement: not feeling the baby move quite yet!
Sleep: sleep has been a little restless. Some nights I sleep like a rock, while others I toss and turn for hours trying to get comfortable. Sleep quality has been hit or miss so I think it may be time to invest in some additional pillows!
Food Cravings: Lemon! Give me all of the fruits and citrus! Now that my nausea is gone, I am starting to get my first real cravings. Frozen lemonade and a handful of Skittles made my week! Baby is going to have a sweet tooth for sure!
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick? FINALLY NO!! So thrilled and relieved.
Miss Anything? not my morning sickness! Woooooooooo!

Can’t Live Without: fooooooood! So happy to be reunited with my old friend. Though I have still tried to keep my meals fairly tame for the time being until my system gets back to normal, it has been an absolute pleasure eating something besides bland carbs, cheese, and yogurt.
Best Moment This Week: finally feeling better! It was such a relief to get my appetite back and be able to keep food down! On Sunday, Walker and I went out to lunch at Pie & Burger, where we gorged ourselves on burgers (turkey for me), fries, and huge chocolate milkshakes just for fun! It was so nice to indulge a little bit and enjoy food again!
Looking Forward To/Excited About: so excited to find out the gender at the 20 week scan! We are so thrilled about the prospect of finding out that we are debating using a Groupon to book a 3D ultrasound for sometime in the next couple weeks so we can find out sooner! I am also really looking forward to beginning the nursery plans for our little one!

Notes: nothing noteworthy this week!

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