The Dirt on Bob Vila

Okay, woah… don’t get too excited. I don’t have any juicy gossip on America’s favorite home improvement guru (though I HAVE heard he truly as delightful as he seems on TV!).

In fact, the only gossip I have for today is that WE WERE FEATURED! Blogging is a funny thing. I go away for over a year, and the first week I get back to it, I get not one but TWO emails asking to feature projects from Our Cozy Cubbyhole. YES and YES!!

Our first feature was for a really cool digital magazine called The Dirt on Organic Gardening. It dives into the growing movement of urban organic gardening… so obviously I was immediately excited (especially since it caters to practiced gardeners, as well as brownish-green thumbs like me). They loved our topsy-turvy DIY indoor herb planter and asked to feature it in their “Planting Outside of the Box” series in their 11th issue. SO FLATTERING! :)

TheDirtOnOrganicGardeningIssue11 TheDirtOnOrganicGardeningIssue11_p24DIYVerticalHerbGarden_Watermark

I ended up reading the entire magazine (you should too! Get a free copy by taking a quick survey on their website) and finished feeling incredibly inspired. I need to get my planting skills on in our yard! :)

The very same day we were featured in The Dirt, I got an email from saying they loved our $14 DIY Basket & Twine Pendant Light and wanted to feature it in a round up, 9 DIYs to String Together with Twine, on their website. WHAAA!? How cool is that? I freakin’ LOVE Bob.



Needless to say, it was exciting to have my work being shared out in the world. Now I just need to make some time to create some NEW projects to share… easier said than done! ;)


**NOTE: Though we were featured on both The Dirt and, my thoughts on both of these awesome publications are my own. I was in no way paid for my weird babbling! That’s all! **