October Sponsor: Pink Fox Designs

Ready to see come SERIOUS talent?! I am so so so excited to introduce you to our October sponsor, Kirsten from Pink Fox Designs! Here is a bit about Kirsten, from Kirsten, herself:

DSC_00389 pinkfoxdesigns-logo-no-circle

I’m a web and graphic designer who recently graduated college and run my Etsy shop on the side. I design logos for people’s small business, business cards, and other branding designs for them. I also create digital posters, digital invitations, and I am in the process of considering adding mugs and candle holders I make. I’m also a photographer who loves hiking and I sell a few of my photos.

Kirsten’s work is absolutely gorgeous. I mean, super stunning! Her Etsy shop is full of goodies, from amazing business card designs…Business-Card-yellow-example Business-Card

… to lovely wedding invitations (hmmmmm… perhaps I need to convince Kirsten to create OUR invitations!)…yellowgrey-suite

…to the cutest prints and breath-taking photography!Somewhere-Over-Rainbow adventureframePink Fox Designs also has lovely mugs, stationary, the cutest notebook ever with the adventure design above, and even some fun, seasonal Halloween items! :)

A huge thank you to Kirsten for sponsoring Our Cozy Cubbyhole this month! You can find the link to the Etsy shop in our sidebar for the rest of October. Be sure to show Pink Fox Designs some love!

We Set the Date!

Happy Friday! Sorry for the late hour of this post, but while I was taking photos for it, THIS happened:

Look ho happy this dog is! Almost as happy as we are!!! :)

Look how happy this dog is! Almost as happy as we are!!! :)

We got our kitchen back (in case you missed it, our neighbor’s apartment flooded on Saturday)! They are still finishing the drying process from the other side of the wall, but we are pretty much done with everything inside our unit. The apartment suddenly feels huge now that everything has been moved back to its original place (that’s another reason this post is late… I went on a put-our-house-back-together binge).

I digress. The happy news I planned on sharing with you all today was that we have officially set the date and picked the location for our wedding!!SetTheDate_Featured

As you can see by this adorable engagement gift from my two beautiful cousins (and bridesmaids), we have an official countdown going! I won’t make you do the math… we are getting married on June 14, 2014!

First of all, can you tell all of these photos were staged outside, since (at the time) the house was still in shambles? Secondly, the super cute embroidered quote was an engagement gift from Laura & Dave. We also received an amazingly thoughtful gift from my Aunt Kathy, who framed the lyrics to our engagement (and probably first dance) song and decorated the frame with our names, the vineyard name where we got engaged (and it’s lovely sunflowers!), and some pictures of our mugs.SetTheDate3
It is so sweet… I cried when I opened it! Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a gift parade, but these three thoughtful gifts deserved a little shout out!

Anyway, so the location where we are getting married was actually the one I posted a few weeks ago. This will be the view from both the ceremony and the reception:

It's impossible to pick a bad venue when you are dealing with these views...

Minus the porta potty and grape nets!

I probably won’t post many more pictures of the venue for two reasons. First, I want there to be a bit of a surprise for those who are attending! Secondly, rather than go with a big, fancy vineyard, we chose to go with a small, intimate private family vineyard property. We loved it because it is like working with a totally blank slate, and the beauty of the event will be the location/view (obviously) and the imagination we put into making it feel like a truly personal, one-of-a-kind celebration. I am certainly not saying that the pictures aren’t much to look at (Ummm… hello, look at that view! And it’s not the only one…); I am simply saying that it will be hard to show you “our” venue until we have injected our imaginations and personalities into it!

Hmmm… what else do we need to cover? We have decided on a photographer, a cupcake baker, and potentially the caterer. I have also decided on the exact dress style I want, and am waiting to receive fabric samples for the dress that I think could really be the one! In fact, for the observant folks in the bunch, the pretty lace in all of the pictures above may or may not be my stunning “something borrowed…” the gorgeous veil my mom wore in her wedding that I have always loved.SetTheDate2And all of this wedding planning means only one thing… if you know me even a little bit, you KNOW that I have a spectacularly organized wedding binder. Thank you Martha Stewart Home Office!SetTheDate4_WeddingBinderSetTheDate4_WeddingBinder2

Yes, there are three rows of tabs. So what? Want to know my favorite part of the whole binder?SetTheDate4_WeddingBinder3Have an amazing weekend, everyone! :)

Our Kitchen, The Airport Hangar

Walker and I have had a fun couple of weeks since I last blogged! We went to visit my family in NY for a few days of pure relaxation and food consumption. It was so nice to experience true autumn with gorgeous, vibrant leaves and a trip to the apple orchard. We were also able to celebrate my Aunt’s 60th birthday, have a little engagement celebration with my family and my best friend’s (Laura) family (i.e. my second family!), and celebrate Laura’s husband’s birthday, as well as their one year wedding anniversary! On top of all of that amazing partying, my mom and I went wedding dress shopping with Laura and her mom. We didn’t exactly find THE dress that day, but we found one so close that it led me to find what I think is THE dress! :)

FallVisit2 FallVisit1

Once we arrived home, I went to my first day of class for the new quarter (it’s here already!?). I can’t believe I have been in school for 10 months! I have one quarter to finish before the holidays, followed by my 10-week thesis class in the new year! Anyway, I went to one day of classes, repacked my suitcase, and spent the next few days in Orange County, attending Design Camp!!! I will have a full post about it later in the week, but spoiler alert: it was amazing, just like the last one!

So I was ready to finally enjoy a quiet Saturday night at home with Walker (and his cousin Kevan, who is staying with us), cooking baked ziti and drinking wine this weekend, when I heard shouting from next door. Since I was in the backyard and recognized my neighbor’s voice from two doors over, I shouted over the fence to make sure everything was okay. She yelled back that apartment between us was having some serious flooding and that she noticed it when it started pouring into her apartment. I went over immediately to see what I could do to help, only to find the neighbor’s apartment with several inches of water on the floor in every room! Since she wasn’t home (they couldn’t get a hold of her!), the landlord, his wife, the plumber, and our other neighbor began using the shop vac to get rid of the water. My job? Puppy-calmer. Her adorable but absolutely traumatized dog was just shaking and crying, confused by the water and by the strangers in his house. So I calmed him and brought him into their backyard, where I sat with him for an hour while we waited for the neighbor to get home. He was so scared by the commotion and seemed grateful to have a friend to pet him (and someone to hide behind when new people came into the house!). The first thing the neighbor did when she got home was go straight to her little pup and give me a huge hug. I can completely relate to her reaction… Bo would be my first concern in that situation too!

The next day, we had someone come by to check the moisture levels in all of the apartments. Since the other two apartments shared a bathroom wall, they got the majority of the flooding. Since we were on the opposite side, we didn’t see any water leaking through. However, it is a good thing they caught it when they did, as it was probably less than 30 minutes until it would have started pouring into our kitchen and living room! In fact, our walls are so wet inside (yikes!) that we have had to rearrange and seal off part of our kitchen (and move some stuff into the living room).


Inside the plastic are two industrial dryers and one industrial dehumidifier to try and dry out the walls from the outside (so they don’t have to tear open the wall… fingers crossed it will work). It is so loud in the kitchen that it sounds like airplanes taking off in there! And since we had to clear off all food product from the open shelving that was on that wall, we have crap stacked all over our kitchen. Every surface has a pile of stuff, so we have not stepped foot in there except to access the fridge since Sunday. The clutter is making me a little crazy.KitchenFlood2 KitchenFlood3

As far as sleeping, the bedroom door does a reasonable job of lessening the noise, so we have not had a problem. But since Kevan was sleeping on the couch, the landlord has let us set up an air mattress for him in an empty unit across the way so he can get some sleep while we have the fans roaring. We are hoping the wall will be dry in the next day or two, but in the meantime, we have basically been living in the bedroom, where we can hear ourselves think. Trying to work in the bed is a little tough (I want to go back to sleep!), but Bo seems to LOVE the new routine quite a bit.BoAs much as the whole situation sucks and how much I like to complain about it, I have to keep reminding myself that we got REALLY lucky (the other two tenants have had to move out temporarily) and that the whole thing could have been much worse for everyone. No one lost any important personal belongings, the building is still standing, and all pups are okay, so I think we have a lot to be thankful for.

Since house projects are pretty much off the table for the time being, I will be back later in the week with a Design Camp recap and perhaps more details on SETTING THE DATE FOR OUR WEDDING! Eeeeeeee! :)