Still Have the Fever

As many of you long-time readers know, I have a full-fledged skeleton key fever. I don’t know why but I just can’t help myself! To me, they hold a mysterious story of what they unlock and who they once belonged to.

When my best friend, her husband, Walker, and I made an impromptu day trip to wine country on Sunday, we stopped into a cute shop called Picket Fences. I happened to stumble upon a little something that make my heart leap in excitement…
SkeletonKeys1 SkeletonKeys3 SkeletonKeys2 SkeletonKeys4

HOW GORGEOUS ARE THOSE?! They are seriously heavy and seriously awesome. There are five keys of various sizes and shapes on one solid key ring.

Now the big question is: where do I feature them in the apartment?

I could hang them on the front door but I am a little worried that if I slam it, they will break the glass window! But it would be sooooo adorable and awesome…Wreath2

Another option is for them to join the company of the “Our First Place” key, my Nana’s skeleton key to her childhood home, and the two other keys I have hanging on the gallery wall in the living room. I’m not sure exactly how I would hang it, but it would probably look cool with all of the other keys.GalleryWallKeys

The third option is to find a place for them in the kitchen, possibly near the awesomely huge opera house skeleton key I found at the flea market.WineCorkFrame2

I also think the key could look really cool featured somewhere in our backyard but nothing is calling out to me yet.NewPlantShelf

Judging by the number of keys I have acquired, I could also start a brand new key wall somewhere…. kitchen? Bedroom?

Anyway, the point is that I need your help!

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Where would you feature these skeleton keys?

Have other ideas? Please leave them in the comments section below! Thanks so much for your input! :)

Design Campus!

Happy Wednesday! I am just returning from an amazing “stay-cation.” My best friend and her husband came to visit Walker and I for a few days and we really lived it up. I’m super sad it’s over but we made the most of every minute and had a blast. Definitely one for the memory books! :)

As you all read the other day, I had an incredibly inspirational and fantastic time at Design Camp in Seattle in May. My favorite part, by far, was the network of spectacular people I connected with, learned from, and learned with! There is nothing more amazing than brainstorming and sharing ideas with other designers, bloggers, and creatives… talk about getting the artistic juices flowing!Day2_1

design-campus-button-221While I know that telling all of you to look into attending Design Camp may be financially or logistically difficult (or nearly impossible), I have some seriously awesome news: Design Camp has gone digital with Design Campus!! The site launched this morning and is a giant online community for networking, information, and inspiration! Not only does it have all of the information from the Design Camp lectures, but it also creates an online community for you to connect with other designers, bloggers, creatives, social media experts, and more.

Since I am a huge believer in this amazing educational summit, I am teaming up with Design Campus as an affiliate in order to spread the word and bring Design Camp to your computer screen!  Yippeeeee!!

The best part about all of this? You can check out the community for 5 days for only $1! Ummmm… that’s not even as much as a cup of coffee. Once you fall in love, membership is $27 a month after the trial (but there is no commitment and you can cancel at any time… although, if Design Camp is any indication of how freakin’ awesome Design Campus will be, you won’t want to!). Plus, if you are already considering attending other design or blogger conferences, this price tag is much more budget-friendly!

Anyway, I really think that you will get so much out of this network of amazing people, as I did in Seattle. I say give it a whirl and see what all of my fuss is about! ;)

*This post contains affiliate links but the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! Just wanted to be transparent! :)*

Chairing Styles

Happy Hump Day, all! I am super happy today because I am all done with finals and have completed the quarter. Fingers crossed for another 4.0!

While I fully intend on enjoying and making the most of my three week break, I am also super excited about next quarter. As I have mentioned before, I spent a significant amount of time applying for a really amazing program/class at school over the past couple months. The class is called Chairing Styles and is offered once a year.

Basically, the program accepts 10 textile design students, 10 fashion design students, and 10 interior design students. The textile students have spent the past quarter designing a fabric based on the theme or requirements of the particular year, which happens to be two-color woven cotton fabrics this year. During this break, the fabrics are actually going to complete the manufacturing process so that the students have a physical bolt of fabric to bring to the table. Then, the textile design students are each paired up with a fashion design student and an interior design student to create a team of three. The fashion design student will create a garment and the interior design student will create a chair using the fabric! Then, not only is it FULLY manufactured (so cool!!), but the chair and garment are presented at the annual FIDM fashion show in order to win scholarships!

Since this is an incredible experience and opportunity, there is always a lot of interest so the application process is very rigorous. The first step was to create a portfolio based on their requirements. Since the class is only offered once a year, I was applying with a lot of students who were much further along in the program and therefore had much more experience and portfolio material. However, the faculty made it clear that they are open to students that are “young in the program” if they have confidence in the student’s ability and skills. Here is a link to the portfolio I submitted for consideration (and a little preview below if you don’t feel like looking through the whole thing): Erika’s Chairing Styles Portfolio


After the portfolios were submitted, we each had to have a preliminary interview with the faculty. Since my portfolio projects were probably more basic than other students due to being only two quarters in, I knew I had to wow them with my portfolio design and in-person enthusiasm and dedication. The interview went really well and they told me that they would be narrowing the interior design applicant pool to 16 (from about 40-50 ID students that applied). I got an email the next day that I made it to the next round and was so happy!

A couple weeks later, we were given another assignment to complete over Memorial Day weekend. We received materials on the preceding Tuesday and official instructions on Thursday night (with a due date of the following Tuesday morning). The assignment was called a “charrette” and was basically to design a chair based on one of three provided inspiration words. We needed to submit 2-5 concept sketches, 3 orthographic views (to scale in AutoCAD — plan/top view, elevation/front view, and side view), a perspective view, and a 3D model to scale (all in black & white). I basically worked straight through all four days, since I had to teach myself a significant portion of AutoCAD! Here is a link to the chair design I submitted (minus a few sketches since they were pasted in): Erika’s Chairing Styles Charrette Assignment


I used the word “dialogue” to create the “Quote” and “End Quote” Chairs. The chairs were fun and just a little bit off the wall so I was hoping they would stick in the judges’ minds in a good way. In case you didn’t read the charrette project, the gist is:

Inspired by the both the discourse of daily life and the famous quotes that transcend time, the “End Quote” chair is truly a conversation piece! Right at home in a contemporary, pop-art-inspired space, this chair makes a bold, graphic statement. The striking “End Quote” chair is crafted with large upholstered quotes and a clear molded acrylic seat. Perfect with its sister chair, the “Quote Chair,” these fun chairs allow you to be truly enveloped by and involved in the dialogue of the moment.

Once it was submitted, I anxiously awaited an email the next day. Finally, at 5 pm, this showed up:ChairingStylesEmail

YAYYYYYYYY! I GOT IN! I really couldn’t be more excited to take on this amazing, challenging adventure! In fact, the head of my program told me that I have the biggest challenge coming in since I am the only second quarter student that they accepted (in fact, everyone else is graduating now or in one quarter so I am way behind). So I may have to work a little harder, but that’s my style anyway! I like being the underdog so I can really blow them out of the water with my work! ;)

In preparation for the start of the class, we have an assignment over break. While it seems like a bit of work, it also seems like a lot of fun! Once the class starts, hopefully I will be a diligent enough blogger to keep you all involved in my design process. :)