Flowers… by Walker: April 26, 2013

I have about a million ideas for the blog and about zero minutes to do them! Since I am attending Design Camp next week (YIPPEE!!!) and have to get all of my school and freelance work done before I leave, my to-do list is a mile long. However, once I return from the conference, I hope to settle in to my new schedule (more on that later as well!) and get back to posting regularly.

So instead I am just here today to say “Happy Friday!” and share a few more lovely flower pictures of a bouquet that my handsome man got for me. I hope you all have a nice weekend! :)

signature first name




P.S. Thanks so much to all of my Facebook & Twitter pals for their feedback on my business card designs. I will share the final design soon!

Bertie’s Closet

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I want to start by thanking everyone for their kind words and thoughts on Monday. It means a lot to me to have genuine, caring people in my life.

I am so excited to share our April sponsor with you today: Bertie’s Closet! Specializing in handmade, lightweight, affordable sleeves and cases for all of your electronics, Bertie’s Closet goes way beyond just function. I mean, these things are GORGEOUS. Would it be weird of me to go out and buy an iPad today so that I had something to put into one of these beauties?

Every item in the shop is handmade by the shop’s owners, Jeff and Bertie. To tell you a little more about how they got started and how they run their business, I will turn it over to Jeff!

We both quit our day jobs (software engineer and production assistant/odd part time job worker) and now work full time from home in Los Angeles, California. Bertie’s Closet is a handmade shop for laptop sleeves, iPad sleeves, and gadget accessories, and May will mark the completion of our fourth year in business. Before we started in 2009, we purchased a netbook that came without a sleeve or anything for protection. So we made a netbook sleeve, and a friend suggested we try selling them. Both of us, Jeff and Bertie, are now home everyday, making espresso and/or kale blueberry smoothies in the morning, making sleeves during the day, and packaging it all up with a handwritten thank you (Bertie’s “Thank you” looks a lot nicer than mine). Everything is made to order in our home, and it usually takes 2-5 days before shipment (though we do our best to ship everything out ASAP). We sell to everyone and ship worldwide.

ChevronMacBookAirSleeve ChromebookSleeve_Herringbone iPadMiniSleeve_Herringbone PinkElephantLaptopSleeve

You absolutely must go check out their shop to see more of these lovely sleeves. My personal favorite? It is a toss up for me between the adorable clothesline (and the owl flying off with someone’s unmentionables!) and the gorgeous brown herringbone with lace leaves.iPadMiniSleeve_Owl iPadMiniSleeve_HerringboneWLaceLeaves
A massive “THANK YOU!!” to Bertie’s Closet for sponsoring Our Cozy Cubbyhole this month. It is always amazing to collaborate with nice people that do stunning work! :)

Which is your favorite sleeve from Bertie’s Closet? :)

Celebrate Life

Happy Earth Day, everyone! In celebration of Earth Day, I had planned to post about all of the lovely things in bloom in our backyard over the past couple of months. However, I have a heavy heart today because my uncle passed away suddenly last night, and I really don’t have it in me to write. So, I will leave you with a few photos that should serve as a beautiful reminder: Life is short so take a moment to stop and smell the roses (or lilac and honeysuckle). Celebrate Life.

Rest in peace, Uncle Rick. I love you.


This is the cover of a 1970 vinyl album from my uncle and dad’s group. Uncle Rick is at the bottom with the microphone and guitar (and my dad is at the top with the guitar and the hair).