Let Love Grow!

My best friend Laura and her new hubs (omg I can say that now!) are such incredibly creative and crafty people! All of the art and a lot of the furniture in their apartment is handmade by those two little artisans. In fact, let’s throw it back old-school style… in my second blog post ever on Our Cozy Cubbyhole, I mentioned visiting Laura and Dave’s first apartment together and being envious of how personal and home-y it felt. So naturally, when they announced their engagement, I knew their wedding would have the same handmade, personal, home-y feel.  And I was right!

The theme of the wedding was “Let Love Grow” and they featured trees as a main part of their invitations and decor. The stand out of the night was definitely the handmade beaded tree centerpieces they made for every table! Using hundreds of strands of wire and hundreds of hand-placed beads, the adorable couple (and any family members they could rope in!) created about 30 gorgeous fall trees over the past few months. Every family get-together involved some sort of obligatory beading session!

Thank you for the original photo, Erin!

But their hard work paid off because the reception room looked incredible with the perfect centerpieces.  The best part is that I got to bring one home all the way to California! It now sits on my fake mantel shelf above the couch, where I can look at it and think of the wonderful wedding day as well as the incredible people that poured their time and love into making that little tree!

Maybe someday I can get a full DIY tutorial out of them but in the meantime it is so nice to enjoy the beauty of someone else’s DIY masterpiece. Thank you Laura and Dave… let love grow!

Dave and Laura!  –  Thank you for the original photo, Erin!

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  1. Susan

    October 18, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    Great idea, and beautifully done! I’m so glad you had such a nice time back east. Loved the photos of your trip(s) and of the two of you.

    • Erika

      October 19, 2012 at 9:38 am

      Thank you! I will tell them you like the trees! :)

      We did have a wonderful time. Glad you enjoyed the photos too! MISS YOU!! xoxo


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