Flowers… by Walker: September 18, 2012

Okay so I totally owe you guys a fun DIY project post of something I finished two weeks ago but I can’t seem to find enough time in the day to write it. Therefore, in the meantime, you can do ME a favor. On your mark, get set…


Walker bought these for me over the weekend, telling me they were “Muppet Flowers.” While I think that is an appropriate and adorable name for this little fluffy fleurs, I wanted to know what someone that wasn’t Walker would call them. They have these crazy purple stems that even dye the water pink!My first thought was that perhaps they are some kind mum? The second was that they remind me of the lion flowers in Alice and Wonderland!So maybe walker was right… these flowers are one part plant and one part cartoon/Muppet. Anyway, they are so gorgeous and make me ready for fall! Let me know if you have any insight about what kind of flowers these are! :)

Owls & Elephants

While Walker and I were at the Lake Shrine Meditation Gardens with his parents, we wondered into a little gift shop that was full of beautiful handmade items from India. Naturally, I found the one owl in the place and never let him go! Walker found an awesome little elephant incense holder that was surprisingly heavy considering the size. The owl has taken up residence in one of the living room crate shelves and the elephant has joined the ranks of the other elephants on the living room shelf over the couch. They are so cute and they will always remind us of the wonderful weekend we spent with his parents! :)

I spy a little Bo in the background!

A Lovely Visit From Walker’s Folks

As you can probably assume from my absence, the last few weeks have been incredibly busy at work. So the timing could not have been more perfect for Walker’s parents to come spend a wonderfully relaxing, fun-filled weekend with us.  I needed it big time!

Walker’s parents originally chose this weekend to come visit because they are huge Husker football fans and the team was scheduled to play a game against UCLA at the Rose Bowl. Naturally, they decided to come make a weekend of it in Los Angeles!

When we weren’t watching the (sad, disappointing) football game, we were eating like royalty (Thai, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican), shopping for books and vinyl, touring the town, and relaxing by the fire pit in the backyard with wine and good conversation. We even visited the Lake Shrine Temple and Meditation Gardens in Malibu on Sunday and it was one of the most stunning places I have ever seen, not to mention calming and so moving.

Without further ado, please enjoy the photo recap of our weekend below! To Bob and Susan- we miss you already!

So many fans in red traveled to CA for the game!

One of the only redeeming plays of the game…

Bo was jealous he couldn’t go to the Meditation Gardens so he decided to show off his best yoga moves. Yes, this pic was taken from his eye level so his legs really were much higher than his head. And he stayed there for a while… strange dog.