Hellllloooo Erika… Are You There?!

Hey strangers! I know it has been a little quieter than normal around here recently. July was an insane month for my personal life (mentally as well as financially… and we all know house projects cost moneyyy!).  August has calmed down from a personal standpoint but work has been ridiculous. So needless to say, I have been a bit wiped out.

I tweeted the other day that I was feeling guilty for not writing as often as I’d like and a very wonderful & wise bloggy friend (Ashley @ First Home Dreams) replied, “Do NOT feel guilty!! Blogging is supposed to be a person’s happy place.” And she is so right! That is why I feel guilty… because I love, love, love blogging but haven’t had enough time to do it as much as I would like lately.

Plus, I am feeling super bummed today because I can’t be back East to take my little not-so-little-anymore brother to college today. :(

I need some relaxation. I need to call my brother. I need to clean the apartment. And I need some inspiration.

But not to worry… I have a few ideas up my sleeve so we will be back to your regularly-scheduled blog posts soon! In the meantime, I will leave you with a few photos to brighten your morning. :)

Tired Bo after a run… we have all been doing Couch to 5k (and Pooch to 5k) together!

Happy Erika enjoying a lovely afternoon with her man at a winery! THIS is how I wish I felt on week days…


Want the Good News or the Bad News?

Let’s start with the good:

1. It is Friday Saturday (no lunch break yesterday so this post didn’t get finished)!!!

2. After about a month of lots of water and TLC, we have managed to grow grass in our backyard!  Remember the where we were at few weeks ago when we filled the yard with worms and grass seed?And remember that hideous sewer pipe incident that ruined our yard to start with in March?  The entire yard has been a mess ever since!  Until now…Beautiful, soft, green grass!! We still have a little ways to go since some of it is a bit patchy, although I think the gardeners cut the grass a bit too short in some places.  But considering last month we were living in a dirt pit, this is a huge deal!  Plus, I know very few people that have successfully managed to grow grass (or anything at all for that matter) in August in Los Angeles.

So the lawn is the good news but I warned you there would be bad also. You should stop reading if you were hoping we would make you some wine this fall. :(Zaragoza’s grapes are on a rapid decline…

We were hoping our plant was established enough to produce viable fruit in the second year but sadly it looks like it won’t produce real grapes until year three (which is very common but we thought we might get lucky!). They were so healthy and firm a month ago:Oh well.  We will keep our fingers crossed for next year.  We will just have to drink some zinfandel wine from the store in the grape plant’s honor this year! ;)

Fire-y Love

Friday’s 100 posts posted post (haha sorry I was having fun seeing how many times I could type that and still have it make sense) knocked me out… I didn’t have the energy to post again until wonderful, sweet Walker gave me a great reason!

Okay… here is where the bragging begins. I have the most amazing, thoughtful, kindhearted, creative man in the whole world! I got home from a very long, stressful day at work last night (one of many lately) and there was a great big box in our living room! Walker told me it was a present for me and guess what it was?!


Eeeeee! We have been talking about getting one for ages (I mentioned it as one of my 25 projects for future-blog on Friday) but have never taken the plunge. So Walker decided to surprise me with one! How sweet is that!? :)

Needless to say, you can imagine where we spent the rest of the evening.  Yes, right here:Naturally, I wanted to also get a lovely picture of Bo enjoying the new addition.  However, the second I turned the camera at him, he immediately buried his snout in the grass to hide from me. Walker laughed and I was disappointed.  But I took a picture anyway:He thinks he’s so sly, hiding his cute little face in the grass. All it took was for someone to walk by the gate and he forgot about my camera.  So I did manage to get a better picture.So that was my lovely Tuesday night surprise! The best part of the fire pit?  It comes with a grill rack!! So we have big plans to grill up a couple steaks this weekend! Yippeeee! :)