NY Recap Part 1: Connor’s Graduation Party!

As promised, let’s begin our mega photo recap of the weekend with Friday night: Connor’s Graduation Party! If you remember, Connor graduated from high school last month but since there are 750 kids per grade, graduation parties are held on weekends all summer in our town! Since I was already going to be home, my parents were excited to set the date of Connor’s party for Friday night so that I could be there.  And thank goodness they did because it was such a BLAST!

Let’s get started shall we?  Here is the graduate/DJ extraordinaire himself: Connor!

This is Koda pre-party… such a happy, smiley puppy!Poor kid – I made him pose for like 943 pictures. But I needed to get a few of him with his sweet aviators. He will thank me now but I think he wanted to punch me at the time!Mom crashing the photo shoot… :)My mom and dad did an amazing job setting up the yard for the party (and of course they recruited yours truly to help but I was just manual labor).Very creative, easy, and pretty centerpieces for the tables!How crazy is it that the tent went all the way over the deck!?Connors picture boards… I should have gotten some close-ups!  There were some pretty hilarious pictures of Connor and me when we were little!ROBOTICS CHAMPION!! :)Oh, The Places You’ll Go! <3 Dr. SeussThen the party began! Connor’s friends and family filled the place up! I think he had 90 people there… WOW.My gorgeous mother who worked her butt of for the party got to finally enjoy the fruits of her labor! :)Some of Connor’s friends hanging on the hill out back :)When it got dark out, the entire place was lit with lanterns and white Christmas lights.  It was beautiful!How was this the only picture I got with “Connor” (i.e. a photo of him)?Here is attempt #1 at taking a picture with my mom… FAIL.  Koda is not having it. At least my side braid looks good! ;)Attempt #2… ruined enhanced with a kiss attack!Attempt #3… there we go!  Love you Mom! <3Koda post-party… totally exhausted.  “Let’s never do this again.”And finally, the cake (handmade by a friend of the family!).  Congratulations Connor indeed!

What a Weekend!

I know I have been M.I.A. for a few days, but for those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I went back to upstate NY on a whirlwind celebratory weekend!

Events included:

Thursday – flew all day and arrived in NY late Thursday early Friday morning (+3 hours sleep and jet lag)
Friday – My brother Connor’s graduation party! (+4 hours sleep and jet lag)
Saturday – My best friend Laura’s bridal shower followed by her bachelorette party (+4 hours sleep and jet lag)
Sunday – hangover and plane ride home (+LOTS OF SLEEP IN MY OWN BED!!)

I had such a blast celebrating with many people I love but I am so happy to be done traveling and back home with my men (one of them wiggled so hard I thought his tail might fall off!  I’ll let you guess which one I am talking about). I know I won’t be able to get myself organized for a photo update post today so I will see you tomorrow with lots of awesome pictures of my trip! :)