First Official Sponsors!! – June 2012

I am so excited to introduce our first ever official sponsors here at Our Cozy Cubbyhole! Wooo!

Our first sponsor is a woman Michelle DuQuesnay, who is in the process of developing the Adding Bliss Journal.  According to her webpage, Adding Bliss is all about creating harmony in your life and the journal is a goal-oriented journal aimed at a more creative mind. The journal looks to help you explore the ways to bring more bliss into 6 aspects of your life: spiritual bliss, chronological bliss, physical bliss, intellectual bliss, financial bliss (I need some of that), and relationship bliss.  To check out more about this awesome project or to help her make her project a reality, check out her Kickstart page here.

Our second sponsor is our new affiliate, Shabby Apple dresses.  Seriously, their dresses are STUNNING and I am in love with their jewelery!  The best news is that if you use the code ‘OURGIFT’ you can get free shipping on any order over $50 and a free necklace!  Can’t beat that!  P.S. I need these clothes:

You can always check out either of these sponsors on the sidebar so show them a little love!  A big thank you to Michelle and Shabby Apple.  We love you! :)

Puppy & Plants

Happy Friday Saturday everyone! I had a blog post all planned out for today yesterday but I ended up having to spend the morning at the vet with my little bean because he tore another toenail (and then got home too late Friday night to take outdoor photos). Poor Bo!

But not to worry- he is doing well and enjoying his loopy drugs. I feel like the world must be a very fun/baffling place for a little drugged up doggy brain.

So instead of the planned post, I will instead leave you with two pretty awesome plant-related discoveries.

First of all, there was huge news on the grape front yesterday Thursday… one of our grapes turned purple!!! This is the first grape to ever make it to the purple phase. It seems like these bunches may actually become real grapes by fall. Very exciting! Haha and I love that only one has turned purple… it’s much more dramatic that way. He is the champion grape.

Secondly, remember that wild mint that was that was taking over our backyard? I had placed it into a vase of water two weeks ago in the hopes of having greenery in the house for a few days. Well fast forward two weeks and not only is it still living… it has continued growing! See the fresh green at the top? That is new growth! I can’t believe that it is possible to grow mint in a vase. Super cool!

Well it is time for me to go back to being a loving, supportive dog mom so I will bid you adieu. Have a great weekend!

Flowers… by Walker: June 13, 2012

It has been a very long, very busy couple of weeks and my to-do list is STILL a mile long. But the eternal optimist in me keeps chiming in to remind my brain that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel… somewhere. And when my eternal internal optimist is too busy to be bothered, I can always count on Walker to brighten my day! He gave me a gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers and Peruvian lilies this weekend that makes the entire apartment seem like a sunnier, happier place. He’s so wonderful… I thank my lucky stars every day that I met someone so thoughtful and kind.

Apologies for the sappy post today but I am feeling warm and fuzzy inside. :)