Congratulations Ben & Karen!

Some of you may have noticed that I have been MIA the past few days. We have been in New York City celebrating the marriage of a wonderful couple: Walker’s brother, Ben, and his new wife, Karen!Walker and I flew into NYC on Thursday evening and were lucky enough to stay at his aunt’s GORGEOUS Brooklyn brownstone in Park Slope. We spent Friday and Saturday eating bagels, prepping for the wedding, enjoying family dinners, actually using our legs to walk around (we didn’t have to drive anywhere for 4 whole days!), meeting my girlfriends for coffee (thanks for the pictures Daniella!), celebrating at a pre-wedding cocktail party, and absorbing every bit of love and family time. Neither of us have family in the LA area so family get-togethers are few and far between. We made sure to milk it for all it was worth and spent some serious time bonding with his amazing family.

The ceremony was on Sunday at this incredible space called The Green Building, which is a converted brass foundry turned event space.  The celebration was wonderful and perfectly suited to honor the happy couple!  We had lots of great food, lots of booze, and LOTS of fun (and an embarrassing number of photos to prove it… uh oh.  Blackmail?)!

It was so beautiful to watch Ben and Karen share this special day with both of their families, who were one big happy family by the time all was said and done on Sunday night.  They are one of those couples that are truly the perfect compliment to one another and make each other better by being together.  So congratulations Ben and Karen!  And in the (paraphrased? Sorry if I botched it!) words of Walker’s incredible mom, “You’ve done the hard part: you found your person.  Now you just hold on for dear life and ride it out.”

Let There Be (Outdoor) Light!

Ready to hear one of the ridiculous things that I got super excited about this past weekend?  An outdoor power outlet. Wooo!!  Yes, I jumped with joy for a plug.  It’s the little things…

You may think it is silly but I have lived in my apartment for almost 3 years and have never been able to have outdoor lighting beyond the ineffective sconce next to the door. So Walker and I celebrated by hanging some retro-looking string lights over the table.  And then we enjoyed being able to see each other’s faces while we indulged in some Saturday night cocktails! :)Oh, and sorry for the excessive number of pictures but:
1. I’m excited
2. This quickly became a practice session on how to take pictures at night! Photo op!

Mother’s Day Twine Wreath

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there!  I happen to have the most amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, caring, supportive, beautiful, and hilarious mother in the whole wide world!The first picture is of us in December 1987 and the other is from this past summer!  Even though I can never get any gift that is enough to express how much I love and need her, I wanted to give her a little something for Mother’s Day anyway.

My mom is in the process of decorating her house for spring & summer with punches of yellow and green (and just a few hints of red!).  Since these are new colors for her, I figured she would be in need of a new wreath for her front door.The concept was super easy and just took a bit of patience to carry out.  I started out with a Styrofoam wreath, a spool of twine, and a few silk flowers.I started by tying the twine around the Styrofoam and then wrapping the twine tightly around the wreath until the Styrofoam was completely covered. This took me about an our and a half so keep a glue gun handy if you plan on taking any breaks (just a dot of hot glue and a little pressure will keep the twine in place if you need to put it down)!Once you are happy with the coverage, run out of twine, or feel like your arms are going to fall off, tie off the end of the twine.  You are done with the hard part!  Using a glue gun (and perhaps a few pins/small nails if your flowers need the extra support), apply some silk flowers to the wreath.  I even got super fancy with it (wild woman, I know) and added ribbon for more color.I told you the concept was easy and I couldn’t be happier about how it turned out!  And now my mom has a handmade wreath for her front door all season long (as long as it survived the mail…).

Since I couldn’t spoil the surprise before she opened the gift, I didn’t want to mention my new blogging gig until now (because she is my biggest fan and would have definitely seen it. Fun fact: my mom was the first to find Our Cozy Cubbyhole on Facebook before I even had the blog designed!  Haha no idea how she did it…). But now I can proudly say that I have been asked to be a contributing blogger for the radio station WSRK (and its affiliated stations) in Oneonta, NY, near where I grew up/went to college.

So check out my first two posts over there! Thanks all!

P.S. You will also notice a little blog makeover. I am changing things up a little at a time and this weekend’s project was font. :)