A Grumpy Post About Neighbors

You know when you have a blog post all planned out and life just totally gets in the way? I won’t get into all of the reasons why today’s fun/happy post isn’t happening.  My brain is far to tired to think about it all and it is because of my neighbor.

It’s funny… when I read people’s blogs I am always amazed at how put together their homes and lives seem.  Then, after starting our blog, people started saying the same thing to me.  I realized it is just the nature of people posting about all of the good stuff and cropping the mess out of the photos. So let’s get real for a minute.

I seriously adore our apartment, messy as it happens to be right now.  Sure, I’d love a dishwasher, a washer/dryer, a second bedroom, and a bathtub if we are wishing but I am perfectly happy in our place.  There is only one exception and it is my neighbor.  She has lived there just over a year now and has been nothing but a hassle.  Let me give you a little idea of the kind of person we are dealing with… let’s call her Jocelyn.  23-year-old Jocelyn decides she wants to be an actress but has no marketable skills.  So well-off mommy and daddy pay for her to move to Los Angeles and get a nice apartment for her and her dachshund, Yippy.  Even though that name is fake, it would be perfect for the dog.  I have never seen Jocelyn work a day in her life and yet she has enough money to go out almost every night to party.  A lot of nights she doesn’t come home.  And how do I know that?  Because Yippy cries and barks ALL NIGHT LONG.  I mean it- all night.  Our building was built in the 20’s so the walls are like flimsy slabs of cardboard and I hear every yip out of that dog (as well as her screaming at the dog when she IS home and arguing with her parents over whether or not she is currently on drugs). Granted the dog is a bit neurotic, but to me this is 100% the owner’s fault.

It is no surprise that every person in the building has complained about her to the landlord (like when the dog is home alone, gets loose, and spends the night in the shared courtyard waking up everyone in the building.  Yes, this has happened at least twice). So finally, I was so happy to hear that she had several other lease violations and was being asked to leave a couple weeks ago. I would never wish for anyone to be out on the street but I’m sure mommy and daddy will just pay for her next apartment also and she’d be fine. So I was excited that she would soon be someone else’s awful neighbor.

Later that week I got an email from the landlord that Jocelyn had sat down with him and begged for a second chance. Having two daughters of his own about her age, he caved and decided to let her have a 30-60 day “do over.” Our landlord is such a nice guy and I can totally understand giving someone the benefit of the doubt (I’m an eternal optimist, what can I say?).  But UGH! I doubt she could change her ways and suddenly be a responsible pet owner and tenant in 30 days.

Fast forward another week or so and we find ourselves at May 23rd (Wednesday).  She left the dog alone overnight and it yipped all night long.  I got maybe 3 hours of restless sleep.  Then last night it did the same thing and I managed to scrape together an hour or two of light, frustrated dozing.  So I have had practically no sleep for the past 2 nights and I just don’t know what to do.

The landlord is trying to deal with the situation but I don’t know how many more sleepless nights I can handle.  And yes, I have tried ear plugs but they either fall out or make me miss my alarm in the morning so it is not the best option. I am at a loss… I don’t want to be a grump but I pay an arm and a leg to live (and SLEEP) in this apartment. What to doooooo? I am too sleep deprived to think rationally. Have you all had to deal with terrible neighbors? How did you handle it?

Alright, thanks for letting me vent a bit.  I feel better already and I even got a good chuckle of of my fake name game… I apparently think I am clever. :)

Happy Friday and have a great long weekend!

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  1. Nicole

    May 25, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    I completely know what you mean!!!! My neighbors are our age and have a 1 and a half year old. They fight like couples did in college… LOUD and vulgar and often. The baby has cried pretty much every day for the last nine months I’ve been here. If he’s not crying then he is running around and every single step can be heard through the walls, much luke the sound of a jackhammer. Thank god the woman who lives under them is ancient so I don’t think she can really hear them. They are actually nice people so of course I’ve never complained but I am very happy that they are moving soon to the next town over. I just hope whoever my new neighbor is won’t be as annoying.

    And you are right… it does feel good to vent!

    Good luck and hopefully *Jocelyn* won’t be around too much longer! xoxo

    • Erika

      May 25, 2012 at 2:43 pm

      Ughhh that sounds awful!! I’m sorry you have to deal with that love! But so glad you could vent too!

      I miss and love you so much! Fingers crossed that we will both get better neighbors!

  2. Betsy

    May 25, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    You should call the local authorities, as in the Animal control or SPCA. What she is doing is dog abuse. Try to keep track of how many nights this happened, and give it to them. It isn’t being a nosy neighbor as this is affecting your sleep patterns, your job, and the fact that your landlord is a good person at heart doesn’t excuse that he and this “Jocelyn” are inconveniencing everyone in the apartment complex. She obviously does not care about this dog, so she should not have the privilege of owning him.

    • Erika

      May 25, 2012 at 8:50 pm

      I know… the pup deserves so much better! But having it in the LA shelter system makes me just as sad for it. It’s like a black hole of poor dogs who can’t find homes. Either way I feel so sorry for that little guy!

      P.S. On an unrelated note, I miss you!!! I hope all is well! :)

  3. Susan

    May 25, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    Report her for animal neglect. Poor Yippy! That dog deserves a better human! Also, would you be able to sleep to some soothing music, loud enough to drown out at least some of the doggie sounds but not your alarm? And there are alarms which work by gradually turning on a light, but of course that would only work if you need to awaken when it’s still dark.

    • Erika

      May 25, 2012 at 8:54 pm

      That dog really does deserve better! It just needs a little love and attention. :( The music idea is great! I think we are going to try that tonight if the dog starts yipping.

      Haha! I never thought of the fact that those light alarms only work if it is dark! I don’t think it would work here until October or something because it is light so early.

  4. Cindy P

    May 29, 2012 at 4:58 am

    Oh wow! I’m so sorry about your neighbor! We just moved back into an apartment complex after having lived in my in-laws basement for a year. So far it’s not too bad neighbor-wise. The walls are a bit thin so we can occassionally here the guy above us (I can hear him peeing! haha!) but it’s not bad. However, when we first got married we lived in a townhome for a year and the neighbors on our one side were SO loud. They were obnoxious. But the worst, their washer and dryer were adjacent to our bedroom closet wall. And there was SOMETHING wrong with one of them. It was SO loud. It would literally shake our bedroom from the rumbling. And the real kicker, they seemed to only do laundry in the middle of the night. We complained so many times and they even sent a maintenance man in to check and make sure it was on track and what not but it never stopped. There were many restless nights because of that stupid washer/dryer.

    • Erika

      May 29, 2012 at 9:28 am

      Wow that sounds AWFUL!! A rumbling washer definitely tops a crying dog. I can’t believe that! I just can’t understand how people can be such inconsiderate neighbors. I feel too guilty to have the TV too loud after 10pm haha!

      And congrats on the new apartment! How was the move?

  5. lw

    June 7, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    Poor you. And the poor dog. And poor pet owners who get such a bad rap because of bad pet owners like this.

    Document everything. Wish I had better advice.

    • Erika

      June 8, 2012 at 8:05 am

      Thanks! I’ll be fine but I feel badly for that pup. And you are so right about pet owners getting a bad rap. I mean, I won’t sit here and pretend my dog is an angel! But there is a big difference between my dog barking at the mail carrier at 2pm (he’s a cliche!) versus out of loneliness at 2am!

  6. Hidden Lake Camp Buddy

    June 27, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Hey Erika! Love the blog! Has your bad neighbor been kicked to the curb yet? – Kristen

    • Erika

      June 27, 2012 at 3:50 pm

      Hey Kristen!!! So happy to hear from you. We got an email a couple weeks ago from the landlord that she has officially been asked to leave and will be moving out by mid-July! Wooooooo!

      Doesn’t help that poor pup tho… :(


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