Record Crate: Take 2

After the record crate debacle a couple of weeks ago, I have kept my eye out for a new storage solution for our vinyl.  A little research revealed that six-bottle wine crates would be the ideal size for us (13-14″x10-11″).  The ones we found online were quite pricey to ship but we also knew that none of the wine stores near us carried or gave away crates (we had asked around when we were looking for crates for our living room shelves). As if right on cue, the convenience/liquor store at the end of our street started carrying a wine that came in a six-bottle crate!  Since we are devoted patrons (AKA we drink a lot of wine), Sam, the guy that works there, put one aside for us. It was so nice of him! We picked it up yesterday and it works perfectly!  There is even room for another when he has an additional spare crate.  SAM SAVES THE DAY! :)

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