Sponsorship Made Easy!

I am so grateful to have sponsor-swapped with some really awesome bloggers this month!  But let’s be honest… gathering blog code from different sources by the first of the month can be pretty stressful and time-consuming. So when I saw Shannon’s post on Bungalow 960 about Passionfruit Ads, I was instantly pumped (THANK YOU SHANNON!).

Passionfruit Ads is so easy.  You simply click on the type of ad you’d like for April and it will automatically add you to my sidebar for the month.  For fellow bloggers that would like to sponsor swap, you can enter the code “OCCSwap0412” at checkout to make April’s swap free (or take $2 off the large ad) in exchange for putting my button (located on the sidebar) on your blog.  You can find my ad shop in this post below or any time on my contact page.

If you have any questions regarding sponsorship, just shoot me an email at erika@ourcozycubbyhole.com.  I look forward to seeing what other great bloggers I will meet this month! :)

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