Positively Adorable :)

Call me a sentimental fool but I saw these cards by Positively Green on Saturday and thought they were adorable! Every couple has their own little jokes and things that remind them of each other. One of those things for us is a seahorse (long story… but you will notice them in our living room crate among other places). So the seahorse card caught my eye right away when we were shopping at Handmade. Then the giraffes were so cute I had to buy both. :)

I plan to get some frames for these guys and hang them in our new workspace (YAY OUR DESKS ARE ON THE WAY!). So stay tuned!


P.S. On an unrelated note, here’s what is going on in our backyard today…
No, it’s not a grave. The plumber is replacing the sewer pipe that runs through the backyard. Hopefully this means fewer plumbing problems!

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