GARAGE!!! Part 2

I know that no one is anywhere near as pumped about this as I am but I am going to make you sit through a post about it anyway! :)

After long last, I finally finished cleaning out the closets and bringing all of our rarely-used things out to the garage (remember my first bits of progress here and here?). WOOO! We now have empty shelves and plenty of room to store our favorite things out of sight but close by (i.e. Erika has a craft shelf for the first time ever!!!). And let me tell you, the “before” wasn’t pretty… those shelves were PACKED.

We still have some rearranging to do now but the extra space finally feels amazing. And there is still plenty of room in the garage for the future!I know it is probably exhilarating for you to look at pictures of my closets and garage but what can I say? It is a huge relief to get rid of the clutter and have a little breathing room! Have a great weekend!

Au Revior Rise and Shine

You know when you plan to knock out a really simple easy project in a few minutes and everything goes horribly wrong?  That happened to our poor bedroom curtains last weekend.  I have been meaning to fix the curtains ever since we moved the bed up against the window but haven’t gotten around to it (see how they are stuck behind the bed frame in the picture below?).  Finally after Walker was unable to sleep in on a Saturday because of the bright sun, I decided it was time to take care of business so we could actually close them.  Easy in theory, right?

I took down the curtain rod and old brackets. No problem.  I used the stud finder to make sure that the brackets were placed higher up toward the ceiling on the same studs. Simple and uncomplicated. I went to drill new holes for the brackets… and FAIL. My sad little turquoise drill finally decided its life was over. My dad was sweet enough to give me that little drill when I moved out on my own and it has been so good to me over the years.  But it has been slowly dying and finally called it quits.  Needless to say, I didn’t get a chance to go to the hardware store to buy a new drill all last week so we have been without curtains going on 11 days now (don’t get too excited peeping toms… we have blinds)!

I bought a new drill on Sunday’s Home Depot trip and came home ready to put the curtains back up… until I remembered I had to charge the drill overnight first. Ugh. Monday and Tuesday flew by and now (after long last), I managed to get those dang brackets back into the wall!  After that, I used iron-on hem tape to get the curtains to sit just above the headboard so we can open and close them to our heart’s content. I love the way the higher curtains make the room seem so much taller! We are talking about getting new curtains eventually but I am just happy to finally have SOMETHING back on the wall.  Plus, we already have an idea for the white space above the window! Bring on the sun, Saturday morning… see you at noon! :)

Succulent Sunday

Before Walker and I moved in together, we bought a few succulents to spruce up his old apartment. When he moved in, they took up new residence on a table in the backyard and have been absolutely thriving!  Seeing how well they are doing, Walker has been wanting to get some more and create a succulent garden. So after a busy Saturday of cleaning the apartment and hanging out with friends, Walker and I decided to have a lazy Sunday and finally tackle this fun little project!
In one trip to Home Depot, we were able to get a terra-cotta planter for $7, several succulents for $2-$7 each, and a bag of palm & cactus soil for $12 (we wanted to replant the other succulents into bigger pots also so we needed a big bag).  All-in-all we spent about $35 but you could definitely go cheaper with all $2 succulents and a smaller bag of soil.  The most fun part was picking out which succulents we wanted to use!


Walker started his project with a shallow layer of soil in the planter and placed the biggest succulent (how cool is he!?) as our centerpiece.  He filled in the sides with another layer of soil and then placed the smaller succulents around the big guy.  He finished by using the soil to fill in the spaces between all of the succulents and even everything out.
As a finishing touch, we went on an adventure collecting rocks in our backyard to use as a top layer over the soil. We are so happy with the way it turned out. In fact, Walker has started referring to the garden as his new pet… should I be worried? :)