GARAGE!!! Part 2

I know that no one is anywhere near as pumped about this as I am but I am going to make you sit through a post about it anyway! :)

After long last, I finally finished cleaning out the closets and bringing all of our rarely-used things out to the garage (remember my first bits of progress here and here?). WOOO! We now have empty shelves and plenty of room to store our favorite things out of sight but close by (i.e. Erika has a craft shelf for the first time ever!!!). And let me tell you, the “before” wasn’t pretty… those shelves were PACKED.

We still have some rearranging to do now but the extra space finally feels amazing. And there is still plenty of room in the garage for the future!I know it is probably exhilarating for you to look at pictures of my closets and garage but what can I say? It is a huge relief to get rid of the clutter and have a little breathing room! Have a great weekend!

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