Mission Simplification

In an attempt to inject a bit more of our life into this blog (rather than just crafts and pictures of my dog), I thought I would tell you about my night last night.  I woke up at 2:30am and was WIDE awake.  It was one of those nights where you instantly begin stressing about everything you have going on in your life.  My plate is pretty full right now and there are a lot of things on it that I feel like I am doing half-assed (pardon my French). For me, work and my relationships (friends & family) have always been priorities and probably the only things I have managed to stick with whole-heartedly.  Everything else tends to be a phase for me and I really wish I could fix this.  So it hit me: if I stand any shot at juggling the plateful of things I am involved in, I need to simplify.  Simple as that!  So I am going to share my February resolutions with you.  I never do New Year’s personal resolutions (but see my home goals here!) because they don’t work for me.  But a lot of these things are crucial to my health and happiness so I need them to stick!

  1. Make health a priority- Not that I am unreasonably unhealthy but I need to make sure I am disciplining myself with good exercising and eating habits now.  Walker and I need to go back to cooking our dinners more often like we did before the holiday season ruined the world’s eating habits.  We aren’t dieters but we are good at “everything in moderation” when we put our minds to it.  As for exercising, I know I will not stick with going to a gym for more than a month or two so I need to find a fitness solution that works for me to make sure I stay healthy. I think I have some ideas that make it convenient and effective so more on that later.
  2. Guitar practice- I have been learning how to play guitar and go to lessons once a week.  I love it but I feel like I am falling so far behind on practice and beat myself up over it.  While I was tossing and turning last night, I realized that I know what my hold-up is.  My teacher is amazing and is so great at pushing me to get better quickly… but that means assigning over an hour of material to practice each night.  I just don’t have that kind of time.  So I need to talk with him this weekend and ask to slow the pace a little to a half hour a night (plus fun playing time of course but that’s different) so I don’t get overwhelmed.  It should be fun and right now I am just stressing about it.  Simple fix!
  3. Organize, Organize, Organize- Ok, I know this is the same as my house resolution from January but let me refresh your memory: “When Walker moved in we found a place to put everything and have ignored it since. But in the next few weeks we will be getting a detached garage space (YIPPEE FINALLY!) and can stash some of our stuff in the extra storage. Sounds like a good excuse to do some weeding out of the excess and give us some breathing room.”  I know we have made some progress on this but I really want to finish up the main closets.  Visual clutter = mental clutter for me.  So I can breathe a little easier knowing we have some wiggle room in the apartment.  Plus it will make it easier to keep tidy and that makes me feel great!

So there we go… 3 ways I need to simplify my life to make it more manageable. And since no blog post is fun without pictures, here you go. If this doesn’t make you relax and enjoy life on a gorgeous Friday afternoon, I don’t know what will! :)

P.S. This was $1.50 at World Market!!!


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