Chiles Deciphered

Thanks to the one and only Rick Bayless, Walker and I have really gotten into making our own salsas and cooking with various types of chiles.  So when we are at the store we buy packs of dried chiles and store them in jars for future use.  One problem… once we started buying more than one or two varieties we started to lose track of what was what.

We came up with a quick and easy solution: tag labels.  But rather than write the names of the chiles on the tags, I decided to use a fancy little stamp to give them a more unique look.   We loved the way it looked on the chiles so we decided to label all of our jars (thus the brown sugar tag below… there isn’t a brown sugar chile).

Now I just need to find a stamp with a picture of a chile and we are golden! Maybe like this one? :)

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