WOOOOOO!!! The day we have all (ok mainly just me) been waiting for: garage space day! Our landlord came by last night to give us the remote/code so it is officially time to start moving in. He has probably never seen anyone quite as excited about an empty half of a garage before. What can I say? It’s the little things for me! :)

Ok, enough chatter!  Check out this bad boy. To any of you living in a house this probably is laughable. But anyone in a city apartment will vouch for me when I say that this is SO incredibly helpful and awesome. Even if it is a bit dingy…

Time to begin moving things into the garage.  Knowing me, I will probably go way overboard with this and the apartment will be empty. We will end up living out of the garage! I know our sad kitchen will be happy.

Anyway, stay tuned… perhaps I will post an update later today with our progress.

Update: After one lunch break of moving stuff into the garage, I am already super pumped! Our kitchen is clean back to normal and the apartment is feeling more spacious already. We still have some closets to sort through but as my mom so eloquently put it, we are “moving up in the world!”

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