Out of the Closet

I have been highly unmotivated all week.  But after Monday’s post, I realized I needed to do something about the lack ‘o garage disaster situation (ok, Erika, let’s not be dramatic) instead of just complain about it. So we decided to clear some space in the kitchen to make room for one “for the garage” pile that is mostly out of the way.  This way, we can clean the rest of the house and work through weeding out our stuff at a less scary pace (versus doing everything the weekend we get the garage).  So I started sorting through the two closets in the apartment to remove anything that we will put in the pile.  Then it makes things easier to reorganize from there.  I haven’t made a TON of progress but I feel better in the apartment already. It had some claustrophobic juju going on before!  Alright, so our kitchen looks like a mess but I can ignore that for the most part since I can’t see it from the living area.  :)

Hey Erika! Sorry this was taken in a mirror… :)

We both have already gone through the keep/toss game when we moved in together a few months ago so there isn’t much we really want to throw out.  So over the next couple weeks we are going to be reorganizing to better use the space. After our garage pile is gone, I am excited to tackle bigger projects like the new desk and perhaps a little kitchen island/cart?  More juicy details to come.

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