Flowers… by Walker: January 23, 2012

I would love to pretend that I did something useful with my weekend but it would all be a sham.  Let’s be honest… all I did this weekend was eat food, drink wine, hang with friends, and watch football.  It was delightful.  But now it is a rainy Monday and our apartment is a disaster.  I thought I would be fine waiting until February to get the garage space (remember I mentioned it here?) but we are slowly being buried alive in piles that are “for the garage.”  Between Christmas and birthdays, our apartment hasn’t quite recovered.  I think we were full to the brim before all of the holiday gifts!  Anyway, we only have to deal with it for a few more days but in the meantime, how about a distraction from this rainy, messy, gloomy Monday?

First, “Flowers… by Walker.”  Between the two football games yesterday, Walker came in from the backyard carrying what he calls the tiniest bouquet in the world.  He made it out of things he found in the yard, wrapped up in a pretty little red leaf (obviously the dandelions are a reminder I need to do some yard work…).  I laughed so hard because it was unbelievably adorable.  Also because it was made out of weeds and dead herbs.  This bouquet may not be his most impressive, but it was so darn sweet and made me laugh until my stomach hurt.  So I think that makes this pretty memorable and brightens my Monday the tiniest bit.  :)

Second, photos of Bo’s little grey mustache always make me happy.  Enjoy!

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