What is Black & White & Green All Over?

When I first moved into my apartment and lived alone, I decided to have a black & white bedroom with a wild accent wall.  Enter lime green paint.  It was a bit intense but I loved it… for a while.  When Walker moved in, the first room we decided to make-over was the bedroom and I was ready for a change (bye bye lime). We decided to keep the black & white idea to some extent but wanted to change the accent wall and add more colors to the room’s accessories.  So we went with “Vineyard” (how appropriate for us winos) green paint by Behr.  We liked the idea of green but wanted something darker and more cozy.  To keep the black & white theme going, we blew up a photo my cousin took of us holding hands and made it the centerpiece of a black & white photo gallery wall.
The entire wall is pictures sentimental family photos… anything from our grandparents as teenagers to us as kids.  We picked a random fun arrangement that still has plenty of room to add on.  All of the frames are from Ikea (the small ones were $2.99 a piece, the medium were $4.99, and the large one was $19.99).  We could have gone a bit cheaper but we loved the thick, substantial black frames with white mats.
We painted everything in October but finally got the last few pictures from my house over the holidays to have a “completed” phase 1 of the wall.  I say “completed” for two reasons:
  1. We intend to keep adding onto the wall with more pictures
  2. Even phase 1 isn’t complete… you will notice all the way to your right that there is a frame with the Ribba printout still inside where a picture of Walker’s grandmother should be.  Ok, so we need to go get it printed.  But I am just trying to keep it real here on the blog and that includes the good, the bad, and the incomplete.  And me photo-bombing my own photos.  Hey, Erika!
On a sweet note, we are now surrounded by the people we love.  On a creepy note, all of these people now watch us sleep.  :)

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