Treasure Hunting with Walker

To continue the tale of Walker’s Nebraska shed spelunking, you need to know a little history.  Walker was the 6th generation to grow up on the family farm, which has three houses, several sheds, a grain bin, and many (perhaps 200?) acres of corn and soybeans. Over the years family, friends, farmhands, and neighbors have lived, worked, and grown up on the property.  As I told you last week, Walker did some treasure hunting while he was in Nebraska and was able to find some awesome old-school NE license plates in his grandfather’s shed.  One of the other structures on the property is called Mrs. Ross’ shed, named after the schoolteacher who lived in there (which would have fit a small bed and desk at most).  Mrs. Ross taught K-12 at a local one-room schoolhouse that may have included Walker’s grandfather! After Mrs. Ross left, the shed was used for stroage for 40 years until Walker’s parents planned its restoration this year. There was a small pile of rubble still inside the shed so Walker did some digging only to find two of the coolest items in our house!

The first thing was a blue-green-grey elephant statue that is so great (and Walker’s favorite animal!).  The elephants are hanging out on our coffee table but will hopefully make it up onto a display shelf one of these days.  He also stumbled upon a ceramic green owl (one of my favorite animals!).  I hope to have him on display more in the future also but right now he is in the bedroom functioning as a temporary bookend. For those who are wondering, his name is Doctor Husker, PhD.  We have Mrs. Ross to thank for a few amazing antiques we intend to show off proudly!

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