New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t believe that it is already 2012. I guess it is finally time to take a look at that to-do list that I have been building (“Oh, I’ll get to that in the new year…”). Even though it is a mile long with a million project ideas, there are a few goals on there that I don’t want to lose track of as the year begins. So I figured that you all could hold me responsible for them if I share them with you now.

1. ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE! – Ok, so I do this every year but it is so important! When Walker moved in we found a place to put everything and have ignored it since. But in the next few weeks we will be getting a detached garage space (YIPPEE FINALLY!) and can stash some of our stuff in the extra storage. Sounds like a good excuse to do some weeding out of the excess and give us some breathing room.

2. CREATE A NEW DUAL WORKSPACE – Currently both of our computers are sitting on a desk I originally bought for myself that I Frankenstein-ed to accommodate both of us. However, there is no room to move or work… just barely enough room to click. So we have started some beginning plans on creating a new dual workspace that will actually meet our needs.

3. UPGRADE THE TUNES – We have been talking about getting a record player for the living room because we both LOVE listening to music. Walker even has a mini record collection started so we have some great stuff to listen to when we actually take the plunge. We anticipate a little extra space once we get the garage space and new desk so we hope to make it work sooner rather than later.

4. KITCHEN LOVE – The living room and bedroom have been slowly transformed to merge our styles since Walker moved in. However, with the exception of an additional calendar and some art, the kitchen looks exactly the same. I think he and I need to put our heads together and see what we want to do with this room.

5. BATHROOM SOS – Other than towels, curtains, and a bathmat, I have yet to do anything with the bathroom. This is the year to start!

I am fairly positive that we can stick to these (some of my personal new year’s resolutions may not be quite as successful… how long do you think the gym will last this year?).  I wish you all the best new year and I hope you aren’t too hungover today. :)

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