It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Anyone else completely caught off-guard that it is ALREADY December 15th?  As in: 10 days until Christmas.  I guess the 35-minute line at Michael’s should have tipped me off that it is getting to be crunch time.  Despite a lack of Christmas shopping, Walker and I were good about getting our apartment into the holiday spirit early this year so we could enjoy it all month long (except the stockings, explained here)!  Nothing beats a cozy, festive living room in December.  :)

Our tree is about 2.5 feet tall and is a Nobel Fir ($15 bucks at the grocery store!).  We decorated it with lights, round ornaments, and spray-painted zoo animals in gold and white (thanks to Young House Love for the idea!).

On our front door, we have a Let it Snow-man which my mom (upstate NY) sent me as a joke my first Christmas living in Los Angeles.  I wonder what would happen if it really snowed here… sheer panic?

For the first time ever, we also have REAL mistletoe hanging in the opening between the kitchen and the living room!  I donated to some Cub Scouts outside the hardware store and they gave it to me.  It made my whole day!

Add a few strands of lights and voila: festive house!  Lastly, what good is a decorated house if you can’t sit and enjoy a glass of wine in your warm, Christmas-y living room?

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