The Dirt on Bob Vila

Okay, woah… don’t get too excited. I don’t have any juicy gossip on America’s favorite home improvement guru (though I HAVE heard he truly as delightful as he seems on TV!).

In fact, the only gossip I have for today is that WE WERE FEATURED! Blogging is a funny thing. I go away for over a year, and the first week I get back to it, I get not one but TWO emails asking to feature projects from Our Cozy Cubbyhole. YES and YES!!

Our first feature was for a really cool digital magazine called The Dirt on Organic Gardening. It dives into the growing movement of urban organic gardening… so obviously I was immediately excited (especially since it caters to practiced gardeners, as well as brownish-green thumbs like me). They loved our topsy-turvy DIY indoor herb planter and asked to feature it in their “Planting Outside of the Box” series in their 11th issue. SO FLATTERING! :)

TheDirtOnOrganicGardeningIssue11 TheDirtOnOrganicGardeningIssue11_p24DIYVerticalHerbGarden_Watermark

I ended up reading the entire magazine (you should too! Get a free copy by taking a quick survey on their website) and finished feeling incredibly inspired. I need to get my planting skills on in our yard! :)

The very same day we were featured in The Dirt, I got an email from saying they loved our $14 DIY Basket & Twine Pendant Light and wanted to feature it in a round up, 9 DIYs to String Together with Twine, on their website. WHAAA!? How cool is that? I freakin’ LOVE Bob.



Needless to say, it was exciting to have my work being shared out in the world. Now I just need to make some time to create some NEW projects to share… easier said than done! ;)


**NOTE: Though we were featured on both The Dirt and, my thoughts on both of these awesome publications are my own. I was in no way paid for my weird babbling! That’s all! **

Palm Springs – Modernism Week

Happy Friday! I was lucky enough to be invited to spend most of the past week in Palm Springs to help on a design installation for the 2015 Modernism Week Showcase House: The Christopher Kennedy Compound. Michael Berman (the designer I work for) designed the outdoor terrace and pool area for the showcase house. The installation went very well, and we were really pleased with the way it came out! Michael used the Luna Collection, an outdoor furniture collection he designed for Brown Jordan, in a super fun bright green to give the pool area a happy, colorful Palm Springs feel. Here are a few photos taken by Eric Lynch of our terrace:


© 2015,


© 2015,


© 2015,


© 2015,


© 2015,


© 2015,


© 2015,


© 2015,

The showcase house opened on Friday, February 13, with a red carpet gala and dinner party.

© Dre Naylor Photography

© Dre Naylor Photography

Team Berman! © Dre Naylor Photography

Team Berman!
© Dre Naylor Photography

Team Berman & Christopher Kennedy © Dre Naylor Photography

Team Berman & Christopher Kennedy
© Dre Naylor Photography

We enjoyed celebrating all of our hard work, and then I snuck back to LA for the weekend to spend Valentine’s Day with my handsome hubby!


After a wonderful weekend of relaxation, amazing food, and Best In Show (I have the best valentine ever!), I headed back to Palm Springs on Monday. We had some amazing projects in progress that we needed to work on, so we had a (very productive!) team design pow-wow in Palm Springs until Wednesday morning.

During both visits, I was lucky enough to stay at Michael’s AMAZINGLY STUNNING Palm Springs home. I am telling you, photos do not do it justice! Every inch of the place is beyond gorgeous, but in true Michael fashion, it is casual and comfortable enough to really enjoy! Nothing feels too precious, but everything is thoughtfully and wonderfully curated. I was super busy and only managed to snap a few of my own photos, but his house was just featured in CA Home & Design magazine, so I will share their lovely photos!


Photo credit: Grey Crawford


Photo credit: Grey Crawford


Photo credit: Grey Crawford


Photo credit: Grey Crawford


Photo credit: Grey Crawford


Photo credit: Grey Crawford

Finally, a few of my photos of some of my favorite moments from the house:

PalmSprings_1 PalmSprings_2 PalmSprings_3
Between the gorgeous home and generous hospitality, it was hard not to feel like I was on vacation even though we worked hard!

As for this weekend, I am happy to be done travelling and ready to enjoy some relaxation/snuggling with my favorite boys! :)  Have a great weekend!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Mantel

One of my very favorite things about our new place is the amazing white brick fireplace and mantel. Not that I didn’t love the faux-mantel shelf in our Burbank apartment, but it is beyond thrilling for me to have a few square feet of space I can decorate and redecorate to my heart’s content!

Once we took down the Christmas decorations, I wanted to create a mantel that was of a more romantic sentiment in honor of our anniversary in January, as well as Valentine’s Day this week. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you already got a sneak peek of the final Valentine’s mantel, but here it is in all of its lovey-dovey glory! :)


Walker got me this amazing vintage marquee ampersand for Christmas!


Roses from our garden and a STUNNING vase we received as a wedding gift.


The first wedding photos we (finally!) printed!


The You & Me banner came from our wedding decor!

For our first non-Christmas mantel in the new place, I would say it’s not too shabby! I am going to be a maniac with this thing…! :)